Transforming the financial services value chain with a data- first strategy

8 solutions to creating more delightful customer experiences

From banking and wealth management to payments and insurance, customers expect a flexible and personalized experience that is automated, seamless, and provides instant access to their information. In fact, 57% of customers preferred internet banking now, compared to 49% prior to COVID-19, according to Capgemini.1

The rise of cloud-based fintechs and challenger banks is transforming customer expectations as financial services become increasingly mobile with self-service options and AI-based advice. Explore key insights, strategies, and success stories on how financial institutions (FIs) can leverage data and the cloud to modernize technology, create compelling customer and user experiences, and grow the business.

Transform your cloud data strategy by learning:

  • Key insights for creating digital experiences customers demand.
  • The top 8 challenges and solutions to implementing a data-first strategy.
  • Advantages of leveraging and optimizing customer data in the cloud.


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